The distinction now is no longer between “traditional publishing” versus “self‐publishing.” The distinction now is between professional versus unprofessional publishing. The problem is, even the traditional publishers will unprofessionally publish your book. My first 10 books were done unprofessionally. Especially the ones with the big publishing houses.

-James Altucher,  The Bestseller Blueprint

We serve two groups:

1) Industry leaders who want to separate themselves from the competition, grow in authority and attract new clients.

2) Those who have struggled, come through on the other side and hope to share their experiences in order to help others with similar struggles.

Some of our clients fit both categories, others only one. But there's one thing they all have in common: the most effective route to accomplishing their goal is to publish a book.

The problem is that traditional publishing is an unrealistic option for most. Those who want to sell books have to write 30-60 page book proposals and most end up hiring writers for the job, paying roughly $10,000 out of pocket.

Afterwards, they must find an agent willing to represent them and, most agree, that's a notoriously difficult process.

Once those hurdles are overcome and the agent submits the book proposal to publishing houses, the reality of the state of publishing sets in and that's this: roughly three in every 10,000 book proposals sell. This means that most people come away from the process $10,000 poorer and thoroughly discouraged.

If the best possible scenario unfolds and a book deal is forthcoming, there are often serious financial details to be considered. Hiring a ghost writer can cost upwards of $100,000 and a "nice deal," according to the publishing bible Publishers Marketplace, nets an author between $1-$49,000. Once an author has earned out the advance, royalties—usually 10% of the retail price—kick in but the reality is that most books don't earn out their advances.

Assuming the financials are straightened out, it usually takes roughly two years from book sale to release. Because publishers tend to focus on only one book per season while releasing roughly 10, most authors are left on their own to promote and sell their books.

But the biggest problem isn't publishing. The biggest problem is that most industry leaders don't have months and months to work with a proposal writer and then years to work with a ghost writer. Furthermore, waiting for at least two years before adding the title of author to their resume essentially causes them to lose out on two years worth of clients they would otherwise have.

This is where Light Hustle Publishing comes in. We have spent the past two decades working both at the forefront and behind the scenes in both traditional and independent publishing. We have determined the most stream-lined, efficient and cost-effective method for an industry leader to release a book that can then net speaking opportunities, on-air TV appearances and, perhaps most significantly, new clients.

While we need clients to be available for initial phone calls, we work around their schedules and then do the heavy lifting (researching, writing and editing), leaving them free to do the work that has made them industry leaders.

In other words, we research, write, edit and publish the book while the client receives sole credit, nets all profits and retains all screen, TV, foreign, life and audio rights.

We then take care of every element of the publishing process, from the layout to the cover design to the printing to the release. We employ behind-the-scenes methods and advise clients—providing email copy and specific instructions—to virtually guarantee that the book will be a bestseller. 

And we do it all in under nine months.

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