Next Steps

  • Schedule a free consultation with someone from our team here.

  • Once contracts are signed, meet with our team (online or in-person) of best-selling publishing professionals who have been working in the industry for over two decades at HarperCollins, St. Martins and Simon & Schuster, among others.

  • Together we conceive of and map out your book. Over the following few months, we unearth—through in person meetings and phone conversations—the information necessary to complete a book. We have those interviews transcribed and converted, shaped and edited into a book. Our goal is to allow you to continue doing what gave you the knowledge to want to release a book; we usually can complete interviews within 15-20 hours at your convenience.

  • Within six months, we complete the first draft, which we then give to you for feedback. From there, we re-write, edit, copy edit and finalize the book. We advise on blurb acquisition, Advanced Reader Team gathering and more.

  • Within that month, we have a cover designed and the book laid out. Once that is approved we connect you with a printer who can print copies for $3.75 apiece within weeks of receipt (many other printers require up to six months to ship product).

  • Within days of final manuscript approval, we upload the ebook to Amazon, selecting categories and keywords we’ve determined will exponentially increase the book’s chance of becoming a bestseller.

  • We employ the most effective techniques garnered from our experience to place newsletter sign-ups and other “lead magnets” throughout the book in order to help you use the book as acquire leads and an audience.

  • We allow you to have sole credit on the book (unless you desire a co-author), keep 100% of the proceeds and retain all audio, movie, foreign and TV rights.

  • We give you the final say over title, cover design, copy and length (but we provide suggestions and wisdom gleaned from decades in the publishing business).

  • If desired, we can also connect you with audio book recording and production companies.

This process describes our most popular tier, the platinum publishing package. We will determine in our consulting call which tier is right for you.


“If people read my books, they’ll buy my products,” says four-time New York Times bestselling author and mega entrepreneur JJ Virgin. “We have a relationship. They feel like they know you.”

So our question to you is this: why shouldn’t you be one they know?

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