Author Diane Haithman

Diane Haithman contributes Style, in-depth profiles and special features coverage to Los Angeles Business Journal and serves on the adjunct journalism faculty of Emerson College Los Angeles.

She was a Los Angeles Times Staff Writer for two decades, covering arts, culture and Hollywood and is a  frequent contributor to Deadline Hollywood entertainment industry website and Deadline’s print publication, Awardsline.

Before joining the L.A Times, Diane served as West Coast Bureau Chief, movie reviewer and Hollywood columnist for the Detroit Free Press.

She has served on the adjunct faculty of the University of Southern California School of Journalism (feature writing). 

Harvard Square Editions (HSE) published her novel Dark Lady of Hollywood to critical acclaim in March 2014. She is  also the co-author of the nonfiction book The Elder Wisdom Circle Guide for a Meaningful Life (Penguin/Plume 2007).