Hi, there. I see you sitting there.

Ah sorry, didn’t mean to freak you out. I’m not peering in your windows or spying on you through your computer camera (is now the time you’re wondering if you should have listened to those people who told you to put a sticker over that?)

No, you can relax. What I meant is this: I get you.

Want me to prove it?

Well, let me tell you about you…

You’re already successful and yet you want to get to the next level. You also want to share what you’ve learned along the way.

You want to publish a book.

You’re motivated, ambitious and tend to tackle new projects with gusto. So, what GIVES? Why haven’t you moved forward on publishing your book yet? Is it because it can feel like an uphill battle at times since you just don’t know where to start?

Here’s the deal: there are just some things you just can’t do alone. In this case, that’s good news. Why should you have to learn an entirely new business when there are people who have been writing and producing books their whole lives and can get you the results you’ve been seeking?

Sometimes you need someone else to take over. And that’s why I’m here.


Who the f am I?

In case we’ve never met before, let me tell you a little bit about me…I’m a New York Times bestselling author who found herself on The Today, Show, The Talk, The CBS Morning Show and numerous other programs as a result of having published a book.

After becoming an author, I was suddenly landing spokesperson jobs, doing a series of TEDx talks and sharing the stage with Tony Robbins.

In short, I went from writing about people to being one of the people being written about as a result of my success as an author.

I started Light Hustle Publishing because I discovered firsthand that a book could make a career skyrocket. But I knew it had to be a book written by someone with experience.

You know that, too.

After all, you’ve seen those half-assed books on Amazon with four reviews, three of them written by family members.

You’ve seen books by people who clearly thought, “I need to put a book out” and not “I need to put a great book out.”

I’m not criticizing their writing skills. I’m only talking about their experience.

I believe work should be done by those trained to do it—meaning that doctors should be the ones performing operations, consultants should be the ones consulting and writers should be the ones writing books.

I’ve never not been a writer. Although I didn’t have my first magazine story published until I was in college, I had been trying to go pro since I was a kid (it’s true; check out my first rejection letter, from when I was 12, here).

I’m not saying I’m a better writer than everyone else. I’m saying that I have more experience than most.

And I believe that while anyone can write a book, most are far better off leaving it to the professionals.

I also believe that those who have found success, whether it’s personal, professional or both, have a story that others can benefit from reading about.

These beliefs led me to realize I could use my experience and expertise to help transform the careers of those people—to help get them into a position where they could attract more clients as well as get on stages, on TV screens, quoted in magazines or wherever they want to go.

Because here’s the thing: any entrepreneur who hasn’t released a book is missing out on the most crucial marketing opportunity that exists.

Tell me if you think I’m wrong.

Nah, never mind. You don’t have to.

Because I know what you think. I know you agree.

(Sorry, didn’t mean to freak you out again. I swear I’m not invading your brain through some crazy Elon Musk invention you haven’t heard of. I’ve just been working with people like you my whole career.)

 I’ve helped uncountable people share about those things that helped them on their journeys...sometimes things they might not have otherwise shared.

I’ve helped them discover that they were capable of so much more than they realized, that they could get their stories out there and that those stories would be embraced, so long as they stepped out of the way and allowed someone to come in and help.


I’m different than other book publishers out there. For one, I’ve had the experience I like my clients to have: I’ve had a book hit The New York Times bestseller list, seen my books written about in every publication from Cosmo to Time, released #1 Amazon bestsellers and been flown around the world for high-ticket speaking gigs as a result.

But here’s another way I’m different: I only work with the best. That means not only that we don’t take every potential client who comes to us but also that the people on my team are of the highest caliber possible—bestselling authors, college professors and newspaper staff writers with decades of experience in publishing. 

That means that we produce the highest quality books possible. We obsess over every word because we know there’s no point in putting something out there if it’s not the best.

In other words, we don’t farm out the writing work to beginners or, in fact, anyone who hasn’t written a traditionally published book. We also don’t teach you how to write and release your book in a weekend.

Our writers have spent years writing traditionally published books and have often hit the bestseller lists with them.

As a result, we create the highest quality books out there, ones that are indistinguishable from The Big Five publishing companies…something we know because we’ve either worked for or been published by them.


Email me directly: anna@lighthustlepublishing.com