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People say books are the new college degrees.

We don't believe that's true. After all, many successful people don't have college degrees.

We believe it's far more significant than that.

We believe that books are the new business cards.

We believe that industry leaders who don't have a published book won't survive in the current marketplace.

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"This investment has paid off 10-fold" - Client Darren Prince


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It's a fact

Fact #1: Writing and publishing a book is the number one way to provide credibility, build influence & attract clients. Fact #2: We have cornered the market on books for those who have overcome obstacles & have a story to tell or mission to get across.

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One of a kind

Our full publishing package is the only option in the world that provides writing, editing and publishing services from a team of bestselling authors of multiple traditionally published books, working reporters and journalism professors who have worked both behind-the-scenes and in the front lines of publishing.

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Client feedback

"I’d long wanted to tell my story but it wasn’t until I connected with Light Hustle Publishing that I knew I’d found the  perfect partner. The investment has paid off 10-fold. ” – Darren Prince, bestselling author of Aiming High

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