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Microsoft Windows XP System Needs

Periodically, customers require assistance to set up Windows XP or repair a setup. If you are operating in a business environment, possibilities are high that a network administrator will certainly have an automated (or semi automated) installment method in place, so you have to be familiar with the kinds of automated installations that you may encounter. If you are sustaining a home customer or a small network, it is more probable that you will aid individuals set up Windows XP from CD-ROM, so you should be familiar with the decisions that must be made during setup.

System Requirements

Before setting up Windows, you have to determine whether the computer satisfies the minimum equipment requirements for the installation. The equipment needs for Windows XP Professional as well as Windows XP Home Edition are as follows:

– CPU – It needs a 233 MHz Intel Pentium II/Celeron or AMD-compatible cpu, although a 300 MHz processor (or greater) is strongly advised. Its Professional assistances up to two processors.

– Memory – Microsoft Windows XP requires a minimum of 64 MEGABYTES of random accessibility memory (RAM), although 128 MB or more is recommended. Normally, the even more memory a computer running Windows has, the better the performance. It sustains an optimum of 4 GB of RAM.

– Hard disk area – It calls for 1.5 GB of vacuum for setup. You might need extra disk space depending on the applications and functions you pick to mount.

– Display – It requires a Super Video Graphics Array (SVGA)-compatible or better display screen adapter, with a screen with the ability of 800 x 600 resolutions.

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– Input gadgets – The computer has to have a key-board and also a Microsoft Mouse, Microsoft IntelliMouse, or other aiming device.

– CD-ROM – The computer should have a CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive if you will be doing Setup from CD-ROM.

– Floppy disk drive – The computer must have a high-density 3.5″ drive if you will certainly be performing Setup across the network using a network client or boot disk or if your computer does not sustain starting with the Windows XP setup CD.

– Network adapter card – The computer must have a network adapter card appropriate for your network if you will be doing Setup from a network installment point.

Occasionally, individuals require help to install Windows XP or troubleshoot an installation. If you are supporting a home user or a small network, it is extra likely that you will help individuals set up Windows XP from CD-ROM, so you must be familiar with the decisions that have to be made during setup.

– Memory – Microsoft Windows XP calls for a minimum of 64 MEGABYTES of random access memory (RAM), although 128 MEGABYTES or more is advised.

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