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Looking into the functions of Google+ previous night, I understood it’s become an extremely crucial part of its thoroughly used search engine program. I was truly pleased with its feature of simply clicking one button to go through the strongly suggested sites and also on the top part of it you are able to also share these pages further instantly. With Google’s previous failed attempts, Google+ has finally appear to my expectations and it’s millions of users now. It’s a large amount of other capabilities like Facebook posting, people are able to follow you, a twitter’s function, and you can also do video conferencing as that in Skype and discuss your photos like flicker. Google+ came up with a unique idea of circles giving me freedom to create extra circles or even groups as I want and fit individuals in circles they suit the best. This is one of the fantastic capabilities as it enables me to post separately into a specific group and I may privately access my family circle, friends circle and work circle. When I first used it, it came across just like every other social networking web site and at that very moment I thought in this article it goes.. another failure! But today when I see it, I think it has a lot of potential which can do wonders if used together with Facebook and twitter.

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On another hand, I actually like the design of Google+ the user of its friendly and the way to group the friends of mine which I at times discover fun action to take. Privacy setting in Google+ is very convenient to manage that is a very positive characteristic as when compared with Facebook, I discover them somewhat complicated to work with. You can find a number of other great features too like group video chat function as well as hangouts feature may be the very best I have seen till date. The amazing feature of hangouts allows me to do video talking with buddies on one screen and also the best part is up to ten individuals can make use of this at the same time; it is really just one click on the great button and I can simply choose my arenas or perhaps contacts to include the chat. Apart from hangout, privacy options of Google+ are much better than Twitter and Facebook. it is one thing that I’ve been trying to look for long and It’s really important for me as it allows me to share content with folks I want and not one person can add me in their sphere without my permission. Another beneficial feature exists which stop folks in your checklist to talk about your content with somebody else. Each privacy feature draws a clear line between public and your individual privacy.

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